flourless brownies

 I’ve been slowly realizing that I probably should have included chocolate in my blog name so maybe I wouldn’t feel guilty about sharing so many chocolate recipes all the time. If I’d been thinking ahead back then, I would have. I know myself, and myself craves chocolate. All. the. time. Continue reading

i have been eating.

[mahi mahi taco and mixed greens.]

It’s been 22 days since my last recipe post. Even though my blog has suffered while I travelled home, my stomach has not by any means. I thought you may like to see some photos of what I’ve been eating lately? Maybe you’ll find some inspiration for things to recreate :) Continue reading

buckwheat & sea salt cookie sundaes {gf}

buckwheat and sea salt cookie sundaeHappy Monday, friends! I wanted to pop in and let you know about the most recent weekend project I undertook (hint: it’s sort of delicious). Continue reading

the best ever gluten free pizza crust.

gluten free pizza crust Am I ever excited about this recipe! I’ve made a lot of pizza crusts since going gluten free, and nothing has been quite right. Sure, everything served the purpose of transporting cheese, sauce, and a few toppings into my mouth, but pizza is more than toppings. Continue reading

roasted garlic soup with roasted rosemary potatoes

One night in January I needed to make dinner. My dad was out of town. My mom was sick. [It was really cold too, but remember we're not really talking about bad weather if we can help it.] Soup sounded good, but I wanted to make one that we’d never tried before.

Cue blog-archive-scouring. Similar recipes seemed to catch my eye on all of the blogs I summoned, and they all involved lots of garlic. Lots of garlic. No arguing there, right? Continue reading

cocoa coffee crumbs, for ice cream

 I know this doesn’t look like much- at all. At first glance it’s just multiple shades of brown in a bowl. Eaten with a spoon. Big deal. Continue reading

flaky bread

Processed with VSCOcam with f1 presetI caved last night and ate about 3 square inches of gluten, in the form of this, probably THEE most unbelievably amazing flatbread I’ve ever had in my life. And I really don’t feel like that’s an overstatement at all, though I will confess that at times I do feel like the queen of superlatives. (I like to call it “being enthusiastic”.)

It’s safe to say that good bread is one of my family’s love languages. So when they had to be away for a whole day, leaving the evening meal in my hands, I made bread. It’s just a little extra effort that makes dinner that much more special and enjoyable. Continue reading

fudgy brownie with macadamia nuts and ganache {gf}

IMG_0700Happy Monday! We’re making something chocolatey… again. I say what better way to start the week? Is anyone with me? Continue reading

baked buttermilk donuts {gf}

IMG_0369_02 copyThis winter has been brutal. When my weather app shows numbers like 7, 18, and 23 in the forecast, first I make sure my phone hasn’t randomly switched to Celsius, and then, when I realize there’s been no mistake, I cry. Well, not really, but sometimes I feel like it.

IMG_0394copyMy California soul does not thrive in this weather. My energy and creativity does not thrive in this weather. Apparently my blog does not thrive in this weather either, hence 14 days of radio silence. Continue reading